A sacrament is an outward sign, instituted by Christ to give grace. After His resurrection Jesus told the apostles, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.“ (Mt. 28:19).

The outward sign of baptism, the washing with water, signifies what is actually occurring spiritually. Baptism is no mere human sign. Although many cultures had ceremonial washings indicating the need for spiritual cleanliness, they merely pointed to the reality of sacramental baptism. Water, being necessary for physical life, also signifies that we are being given the life of God within us, sanctifying grace. When we are baptized in the name of the three persons of the Trinity, we are adopted into the family of God. This marks us indelibly as belonging to God.

Infant Baptism is offered each weekend at Saint Agnes. Typically, baptisms are scheduled for 1 PM on Sunday afternoons, following the Noon Mass, however, other times are available for both Saturdays and Sundays, depending on the needs of the family. Baptisms are done individually, not in groups. Baptism is offered in either the Ordinary Form (English) or Extraordinary Form (Latin).

Scheduling Baptism

Baptism dates can be set either before or after the baby is born. Please contact the Parish Office to start the baptism registration form and inquire about available dates. For first time parents, a baptism class is required prior to the baptismal date. Contact the Parish Office (651) 925-8800 or the Parochial Vicar (651) 925-8804 to schedule an appointment with a priest.